Introducing MobiusFX

Mobius Medical Systems Introduces One Minute IMRT QA with MobiusFX

Indianapolis, IN, USA – 07/29/2013

Mobius Medical Systems, LP revolutionizes IMRT QA with a completely software-based solution for IMRT QA.

AAPM Booth #619 – Mobius Medical Systems, the developers of DoseLab and Mobius3D, introduce one minute IMRT QA with MobiusFX. MobiusFX is an add-on module to the company’s Mobius3D system for 3-dimensional treatment plan QA.

Instead of using a time-consuming process requiring external measurements, MobiusFX directly uses the MLC positions and ion-chamber doses measured internally by the linac during delivery. These internal measurements are plugged into an independent dose calculation engine, along with the planning CT, to provide a 3D delivered dose distribution in the patient.

The result is rapid, volumetric, and fully automated patient-specific quality assurance that allows the physicist to spend less time performing IMRT QA.

Other highlights include:

  • With MobiusFX, everything happens automatically
  • MobiusFX is designed to perform all calculations in the patient – no conversions needed
  • MobiusFX tests TPS heterogeneity calculations
  • MobiusFX doesn’t just verify IMRT QA, it also verifies that every delivery was successful
  • MobiusFX separates sources of error

For further information, visit or call (888)-263-8541

About Mobius Medical Systems, LP

Mobius Medical Systems, LP was founded in 2010 by Nathan Childress, PhD. Our mission to provide the radiation oncology community with modern software to improve productivity of quality assurance processes and increase positive patient outcomes.